First trip to Umstead State Park

Today I made my first trip to Umstead State Park.  One of the hiking groups I lurk around has been scheduling some trips out there so I figured I would have a look.  It is really close for me, only about a 10 minute drive.  For the most part, I really don’t like city parks because they are crowded and not very challenging.  Looking at the website there are plenty of trail miles so I figured it was at least worth a shot.

I used the Reedy Creek entrance and chose to hike the Company Mill Trial which is 5.8 miles rated moderate along with a few small side trails and an extra trip along the company mill site.  I’m really not sure why it was rated moderate, it was really easy and the path is so well traveled that it was all but manicured.  There really wasn’t all that much elevation change either.

At less than a third of a mile in I realized this wasn’t quite what I was looking for so I decided to pick up the pace a bit to try and get a bit of workout out of it.  This ended up taking a toll on my feet, and for the first time I actually had foot pain.  Normally my feed are solid, but I found myself trying to push off the inside of my right foot and my big toe was feeling strained.

It also didn’t take long to realize that trail runners outnumbered hikers about 15 to 1.  I think if I was a trail runner this would probably be a great spot for me, but for hiking this really wasn’t for me.  The Company Mill was really the only interesting area to look at on the trail so it was definitely a bit of a let down.


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