My first post!

So here we are with my first post.  I’ve run across a few references that really are drawing me to the trails.  One of them was an article called The Smartest Businessman on the Appalachian Trial.  ( which profiled Winton Porter’s shop Mountain Crossings in Northern Georgia.  As luck would have it I ran across David Miller’s book AWOL on the Appalachian Trial a few weeks later which I quickly burned through.  (

I  cannot say that I’m an experienced hiker since I have only gone for day hikes.  I lived in Alaska for a few years and went on a number of 5-10 mile hikes then, but those were pretty informal trips.  Now I’m looking to start on more of a journey.  I am a chronic workaholic and have a hard time taking enough vacation time.  Even my non-work time tends to be technology related so I haven’t had sufficient time to decompress.  My mind needs a break, and some time away from technology would be a very good thing.

My initial goals are modest.  I would like to do regular day hikes at least once or twice a week.  I’m in a relatively good area for some simple trails, but Western North Carolina has a rich selection of fantastic trails and sights.  I plan to take at least a few day and multi-day trips next summer around Mt Pisgah.  More on that later, one step at a time.

Aside from the reading I’ve done that sparked my interest I then did a fair amount of research into some essential gear I will need.  I was amazed to find how friendly the folks at REI are.  While I have been in there before, I didn’t wasn’t really paying attention.  At least 4-5 people helped me with questions on different things, and all of them were very cool and seemed very knowledgeable.    I ended up getting a pair of Keen Targhee II Mid Hiking Boots.  While they are a bit overkill for the local trails I’ll be walking, I think they will be needed for the trips I’ll be taking out west soon enough.  I also picked up a small synch sack to carry some essentials.  I’m a LONG way from needing a full pack for multiday backpacking trips.


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